Make money
from your passions

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What is 

Bubble is a host,

an accompany,

a friend to share the enjoyment

and fun events with people.

Share what you Love

Share your passion and joy with people by leading them through your event.

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Get Paid

Doing what you are passionate about, earn an income while enjoying the event.

Support from Bubstal

Personal Image Build-up

Metaverse event environment

Pricing Consultancy

Marketing and Promotion

A step-by-step guide to start

Start new journey
in Bubstal

Name your event

Get started by registering your Bubble account and creating your event, it takes 3 - 7 days for us to review and approve your event.

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Price your event

State your price per participant as the starting price for the services listed. The displayed price will be higher, including Bubstal's transaction costs and commissions. For any additional and custom services requested by the customer, you will be able to adjust the price for each situation.

Outdoor Night Event

Become a Bubble

Add an informative and attractive title for your event, limit your title to 10 words for readability.


Create an event

-Select which categories your event belongs to

-Write a compelling 50-word description of your event

-Upload event photo

-Descript the services you provided at the event

-Provide the duration of your event

-Provide a location you would love to host your event

-Provide your schedule

-Provide the number of people you wish to attend the event

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Host your first event

Take your first steps and locate your first customer.

Share your event on your personal social media and let your friends know you’re hosting an event on Bubstal.

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