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What is Bubble

Bubble is a host, an accompany, a friend to share enjoyment and fun events with people. Let explore our Freelancer features here!

Virtual Reality Game


Experiencing Metaverse

The city is crowded, we know it.

Now with Metaverse, a physical venue is no longer required for your event, avoid expensive rentals. With our Metaverse environment, you can connect and interact with participants without embarrassment, share your experience just with your laptop.

Launch a room

Choose the 3D environment suitable for your event

Chat Room

Leave and share your message

Walk around

Explore your map and travel through rooms



Interact and find out what participants think

Video chat

Connect and interact with your participants in real-time

Screen Capture

Capture and share memorable moments




Zero platform fee

Two plans are provided for freelancers, you can choose the most suitable one

For Metaverse event environment: learn more 

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Start your journey as a Bubble

Become a Bubble

Get started by registering your Bubble account and creating your event, it takes 3 - 7 days for us to review and approve your event.

A. Create an event

Name your event

Add an informative and attractive title for your event, limit your title to 10 words for readability.

Select a theme from below which your event belongs to

I. Workshop 

II. Tours & Must-sees

III. Outdoor & Sports

IV. Water Sports & Activities

V. Relaxation & Meditation

VI. Fun & Culture

VII. Events & Exhibition

VIII. Visual Art

IX. Boardgame

X. Green Activities

Choose where you want to host your event

I. Bubstal Metaverse 

II. Physical

Brief Descript

Write a compelling 50-word description of your even

Cover photo

Upload a photo for your event


Descript the services you provided at the event


Provide the estimated duration of your event

Enter your preferred hosting schedule

I. Day of the week

II. Time of day


Provide the range for the number of attendees you wish to attend the event

Price your event

State your price per participant as the starting price for the services listed. The displayed price will be higher, including Bubstal's transaction costs and commissions. For any additional and custom services requested by the customer, you will be able to adjust the price for each situation.


I. We accept (2 days delivery)

II. Example: what type of event should include logistic

III. Input the expected weight of the product

IV. Pricing calculator: Minimum of the event per user to quality/ activate logistic services

B. User acceptance test

I. No experience in hosting an event before? No worries, we got your back!

II. If it is your first time hosting an event or your first time on Metaverse, we will invite you to a fun and easy user acceptance test prior to your first event to give it a shot and ensure a quality user experience, you will be hosting a small scale event, get meaningful feedback and suggestions for improvement

C. Accept offer

Accept event hosting invitations from Whatsapp

D. Update your events and preferred hosting schedule

To make any changes to your event or available hosting times, resubmit your form.

E. Host your event

I. Take your first steps and locate your first customer.

II. Share your event on your personal social media and let your friends know you’re hosting an event on Bubstal.

III. You are all set, start hosting virtual or physical events

F. Earn an Income

Earn an income for hosting your event!


How to cash out your earnings on Bubstal


Provide your FPS Identifier / Payme Account / Bank Account Detail


Right after your event, you will be able to check your latest balance in your wallet


For each event hosted, your funds will be available 14 days later


On the 14th of each month (in the event of a bank holiday, funds will be transferred on the next business day), your balance will be cleared into the account you provided

Frozen Bubble


Transparency and Responsibility

A. Take a look at our Terms & Conditions [Learn More]

B. Responsibility

Bubble shall provide services to participants as described in the event form, failure to provide such services may result in a deduction of income

C. Refund Policy

I.   If Bubble cancels the reservation prior to the event, participants will automatically receive a full refund excluding transaction fees

II.  No refunds will be given to any event attendee who is unable to attend the event

III. For inquiries, please email

D. Accidents and Injuries and liabilities

Bubstal Limited acts as an intermediary platform and shall not be responsible for incidents of accidents, injuries and liabilities.

E. Bubstal Limited reserves the final right to delete or temporarily block Bubble account for any unlawful, irresponsible events

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